Microprocessed and algorithmic-addressable module (with short-circuit insulator) which is installed as one more element in the loop.


It has eight inputs to monitor equipment external to the system.

It is typically applicable for signalling the status of other detection systems in which there could be a connection to flow sensors in the case of sprinkler installations, travel path end-stops in the case of fire doors, lifts, tank levels, pressure units, etc.


These inputs are configurable by microswitch in the following manner:

  • Supervised (pin 1 microswitch set to ON); the outside line in supervised standby state by means of a 33KΩ resistor, indicating the status of the line or crossed line. Connecting a parallel 10kΩ resistor will activate the related input.
  • Active by closed contact (pin 1 microswitch set to OFF and pin 3 microswitch set to OFF); the input in standby must be with the contacts open, in case of event the input contacts must be crossed. This will be the factory setting.
  • Active by open contact (pin 1 microswitch set to OFF and pin 3 microswitch set to ON); the input in standby must be with the contacts crossed, in case of event the contacts must be opened.

Using pin 2 of the configuration microswitch we will select the type of event that the module will send to the control panel: ON Fault and OFF Alarm.

The configuration of the inputs is common to all of them.

The blinking of the transparent red LED indicates communication with the Lyon control panel and also if it stays lit it indicates the activation of one or several inputs. This module has an output for the activation of a remote pilot, which is activated when it is in alarm state. The Technical Signals module is powered by the connection to the loop.

1- MSTAY8 data sheet
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2- MSTAY8 manual
Title: 2- MSTAY8 manual (0 click)
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3- Algorithmic Diagram
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