EASY CoNET is a support software for programming and monitoring the status of Lyon, Zafir and Compact Lyon control panels of Cofem. With control panels at the market that support over 1000 points, it is important to have efficient labelling and programming tools.

The EASY CoNET software is designed for two functions:

Configuration of control panel:
The EASY CoNET software (basic version) can be loaded in any PC (usually a laptop computer). It allows to prepare the information of the installation (programming number, points label, activation of relays, zones, etc) for downloading to control panel through USB connection between PC and control panel. In this way, it is easier to work in configuration of control panel comfortable anyplace, and only going to the place of control panel for downloading configuration and start up system. Furthermore, the EASY CoNET software make also easier the management and control of the configurations with Lyon, Zafir and Compact Lyon control panels.

Control panel management with PC:
The EASY CoNET software (extended version) allows ONLINE and real-time management of control panel with a PC, allowing to interact on it (monitor, disabled zones, put on test, activate the evacuation, etc), as well as showing all the incidents (warning lights, location maps, capability to disabled or reset a detector, a relay, etc).

  • Software for programming and management of Lyon, Zafir and Compact Lyon control panels.
  • Software can be installed in any PC (the minim requirements are described in the EASY CoNET manual).

Basic Version (for control panel configuration):

  • Allows programming of control panel with a PC (usually a laptop computer) in a Windows environment, later connection to control panel and download the information on it.
  • Connection with USB.
  • Easy management of all configurations with Lyon, Zafir and Compact Lyon control panels.
  • Avoids the control panel configuration in front of it.
  • The control panel configuration can be prepared wherever.

Extended Version (for ONLINE management):

  • ONLINE management of control panel, with multiples possibilities of control in a easy Windows environment (monitor,  put on test, location maps, disabled or reset relays, etc).
  • Distances up to 1200 m between control panel and PC are accepted, using RS232/485 convertors.
  • Allow use wiring and TCP/IP protocol in the installation.

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