Base for A50 algorithmic-addressable detectors with EN 54-23 certified visual alarm base and EN 54-3 sounder supplied directly from the loop.

There are 2 models available:

A50ZSLDR: D50 base with sound and light base, addressable.
A50ZSDDR: D50 base with sound, addressable.

This device needs an addressable detector “with SIRDR functionality” (standard detectors do not have this functionality) which will allow it to operate as a relay associated to this detector.

Typical uses of the A30XZSDDR and A30XZSLDR are spaces that require integrated fire detection equipment with sounder and visual alarm, such as hotel rooms fitted out for clients with hearing impairments, waiting rooms, nursing rooms, etc.

The coverage of the assembly should not exceed the coverage of the fire detector with which it is installed, unless there is a reason or use that justifies it.


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