The sprinklers are an automatic system of fire control, which are activated because of an increase in temperature produced by a fire. They are controlled by an alarm check valves, which is also responsible for activating the fire alarm.

Sprinkler features

Temperature and color range (of the bulb):

  • Red: 68ºC
  • Yellow: 79ºC
  • Green: 93ºC
  • Blue: 141ºC
  • Black: 260ºC
Devices for sprinkler system

Alarm and control equipment for sprinkler system. Water remains pressurized in the pipes and is released over the fire area after the sprinkler is activated by the fire. The pressure switch sends alarm information to the fire warning system or automation system. After the pressure switch is activated, the water passes to the water motor gong and triggers a mechanical alarm.

Butterfly valve used as a shut-off valve for water supply lines to disconnect areas in a sprinkler circuit.