Conventional heat detector

The C50 family of detectors are based on a new refined aesthetic that integrates the latest electronic technology with new, more efficient detection algorithms and a three-dimensional design that makes it more robust against environmental dirt.

The C50 family allows multiple combinations between smoke and heat detection.

The C50H model is a detector with a heat sensor.

The heat sensor allows the detector’s thermovelocimetric response, reaching the alarm status with a static temperature of 60ºC in the case of slow fire developments.


  • Heat sensor.
  • Low profile, total height less than 42 mm (including low base).
  • Also available with high base for 20 mm tube.
  • Possibility of connection to a remote action indicator.
  • Easy connection, without polarity.
  • Red LED on to indicate its alarm status.
  • Standby status signalled by simple flashing of the red led every 10 seconds.
  • Easy installation of head and base, interchangeable throughout the C50 family, and made of white heat-resistant ABS.
  • Certified by AENOR according to Standard EN 54-5 class A2 with CE marking according to the European Regulation on Construction Products (EU) No. 305/2011.

C50H DataSheet


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