EASY LONDON is a support software for programming the London control panel of Cofem.

Since this control panel allows you to control a large number of elements (it could manage 128 outputs between zones and relays), it needs an effective system of labelling and programming for an easy, quickly and intuitive configuration.

You can download EasyLONDON software to any PC.

It allows you to prepare information related to the installation (labels of zones, relays and their activation, modes of operation, etc) on this computer and then dump it on the control panel with an RS232.

This form will be easier to work on the configuration of the control panel in any place where are all the necessary information is available, and only move to the installation for its dump on the control panel and start-up.

In addition, avoids having to enter the information through the front of the control panel, especially useful for complex installations configuration feature.

Similarly, the EasyLONDON facilitates the management and control of the configuration of all the installations with London control panel.

  • Software for the LONDON control panel programming.
  • Installable software on any PC (the PC must have minimum characteristics described in the manual of the software EasyLONDON)
  • Allows you to easily program the control panel from  PC (usually a laptop) in a Windows environment, and connecting with the control panel, then dump this information.
  • Connection between PC and control panel with an RS232 connection.
  • It allows to easily manage the configurations of all installations with London control panel.
  • It avoids having to configure the control panel from the front of it.
  • It allows to prepare the configuration from anywhere.

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