External Power Supply (with batteries charge incorporated) for fire detection and fire alarm systems. Certified according EN 54-4.

This equipment is specially recommended for properly feeding any fire detection device which requires external power supply.


It has two outputs:

  • Two 30V output monitored and protected by a fuse, for easy connection.
  • Dry contact fault output, for integration with other systems.

The system has three indication leds to show system status:

  • RED (green): system operating through 110/230 V/AC power supply.
  • BATTERY (green): system operating under batteries.
  • FAULT (amber): system fault, general power supply fault or fault in the auxiliary battery supply.

There are 2 models available depending on the needs of the system:

  • ZAFIRPWS2 (65W): supply capacity 1,5A (65w).
  • ZAFIRPWS5 (150W): supply capacity 4A (150w).

General power supply connection is different between the two models. ZAFIRPWS2 is connected to electrical network by a connector located on the right side of the box. ZAFIRPWS5 is connected to electrical network directly to the switching power supply.

External Power Supply is placed inside a metallic box of 363 x 331 x 96 mm, which allow additional space for installing batteries (2×12 Vdc7Ah).


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