I-link is the monitoring and configuration software of the algorithmic-addressable Cofem control panels.

I-link is the monitoring and configuration software of the algorithmic-addressable Cofem control panels and replace from now on EasyCoNet.

With the basic version you can set the operating parameters of the system following some simple steps, the general parameters of activation of the control panel, setting the points, the relay activation and the definition of activation and zones lists.

All these features will help the user to simplify the data input information such as the use of the Cofem Installer app (for Mobile Smartphones and tablets), the display of the configuration tree, the ability to copy and move loops, modify the information directly on the tables of points, relays, etc.

In addition, I-Link allows setting up video cameras and then associate them into the extended version (ON-LINE) to the detection devices.

Its extended versión, I-Link ON-LINE allows to connect (in real-time) with control panel detection and fire alarm, allowing the visualization of events in real time, in addition to acting on it (monitor, cancel, test, activate evacuation, etc.).

For better viewing it can introduce the installation drawings in various formats and locate the different detection devices on these drawings. When an event happens, it opens the appropriate drawing into the event, in which the user can zoom, change the drawings, view the sequence of events, etc.

On the drawings you can also locate the installation video cameras and linking them with the detection devices. In this way, with an event, it will open the linked video camera allowing you to visualize what is happening in that zone of the installation. In the same way, clicking at any time in any video camera allows you to view the images. When configuring the video cameras there will be possible to activate the manager picture that will advise us on I-LINK ONLINE when a possible fire occurs.

Login the installation in the application Cofem Guard (for smartphones, tablets, or e-mail), the I-LINK ONLINE also sends the information of the events of the detection and fire alarm system to 5 users who receive it in real time depending on the connectivity/coverage of these devices.


Basic version (for control panel setup):

  • It allows you setup easily the control panel from a PC .
  • It allows to easily manage configurations of all Lyon, Zafir and Compact Lyon facilities.
  • Load information of the installation points from the Cofem Installer application.
  • Video cameras configuration.

Extended version (ON-LINE management):

  • It allows visualization and control of the panel management ONLINE, offering multiple possibilities for control such as detecting level of dust from the detectors.
  • Visualization of events in the installation drawings.
  • Under license, sending installation events to the application Cofem Guard (for smartphones, tablets, or e-mail).
  • Using converters RS232/485, separation distances between PC and Central can be up to 1200 m.
  • Allows you to use wiring and Protocol TCP/IP installation.

I-link Datasheet


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