Resettable Manual Call Point fire alarm (with short-circuit isolator) for algorithmic addressable detection systems.

It has a LED that lights up when the call point is manually triggered (alarm), as well as showing a yellow tab on the lower side of the activation face.  A single flash shows communication with the control panel.

It is easy to reset through activation of the yellow button sited in the front face by means of a screwdriver.

  • Easily resettable call point by pushing yellow button on the front side.
  • Transparent protector cover to avoid accidental false alarms.
  • Self-identified element in the fire detection algorithmic and addressable.
  • Communication with the control panel is indicated by a single flash of the LED.
  • Immediate visual recognition of alarm status by the permanent activation of the LED, and the trigger of the yellow tab on the lower side of the activation face.
  • According to EN 54-11 Standard, and CE mark according to the European Regulation of Construction Products (UE) N°305/2011.

PUCAY DataSheet


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