Fire hose cabinet Ø45 mm according to EN 671-2 standard with 15 m (P6415) or 20 m (P6420) of plane hose manufactured according to UNE 23.091/2A.

It is composed of:

  • Horizontal cabinet built of 1 mm steel plate thickness, painted in red RAL 3000, measures 640 x 500 x 160 mm, with semi-blind door for polystyrene, and easy-open lock, provided with support arm fixing and pre-holes for water supply, including reel, hose, nozzle, swing arm, seat valve, manometer and supply hose.
  • It can be made in another color, with the RAL provided by the costumer, or in stainless steel, and it can be mounted in a floor bow.
  • Likewise, under command, the door design has some options: standard, red blind, white blind, white semi-blind, totally stainless, etc.
  • Reeling frame with Ø350 mm .
  • Plane hose of Ø45 mm and 15 or 20 m length, manufactured according UNE 23.091/2A and CE mark, with adaptors manufactured according UNE 23.400 of Ø45, slight use.
  • Seat valve at 120° output, made of brass, with threads of 1 ½” and adaptor according to UNE 23.400, slight use.
  • Manometer graduated from 0 to 16 bars.
  • Hose nozzle of three positions: close, spray and jet, connected to the end of the hose by slight use adaptors.

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