Relay module for fire detection system.

This module consists of a relay that controls the output of a dry contact normally open (NO) normally closed (NC), unsupervised.

That provision allows you to control as typical application door electromagnets in conventional fire detection systems, either through the control panel supply or sources of external power supply (FAE).

The equipment is very simple and easy to install.

The board of the relay module is mounted on a plastic base, which carries some tapes that allow secure comfortably in the place that best suits, taking advantage of the available space in stations, power supplies (FAE), etc, according to the normal distribution of the wiring of the installation.

In addition, the relay module contains a safety fuse on the side of the dry contact.

There are three versions of modules based on the number of relays contained on the base:

  • MDL1R: 1 relay module.
  • MDL2R: 2 relays module.
  • MDL-8: 8 relays module.
  • Relay with dry contact output NO-NC, not supervised.
  • Simple installation by means of adhesive tapes, taking advantage of the space and following the normal distribution wiring.
  • It contains safety fuse.

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