Remote action indicator of fire detection system.

The PIAL allows showing alarm status of sensors and modules of algorithmic systems, as well as of sensors of conventional systems.

Typical cases of use:

  • Places where elements of the detection system are not visible, for example, inside false ceiling, in which the PIAL can be visibly situated on the lower part of the ceiling or near the wall.
  • Reduced accessibility rooms or that is needed do a big inspection range for the identification of the element in alarm, for example in hotel rooms, where the PIAL can be situated above the door frame of each room, making very easy its identification.

Permanent activation of the red LED indicates alarm status.

It is an element easy to install, both for its electrical wiring and its fixation.  Furthermore, can be adapted to the conduit boxes and switchgear.

  • Alarm status can be identified in any perpendicular direction at its installation.
  • Easy connection, with polarity.
  • Can be adapted to the conduit boxes and switchgear.
  • The red light is produced by two LEDs, increasing reliability against failure of any of them.
  • Manufactured in heat-resistant ABS.  Base and lid are white, red viewer.

PIAL DataSheet


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