Carbon monoxide (CO) diffusion sensor for COsensor system designed according to the European standard EN 50545-1 and UNE 23300 certified.

The sensor is designed to work with all models of COsensor control panels, both conventional (CCO and MiniCO models) and addressable (ZafirCO). In this way, when control panel start up , the sensor recognizes control panel and adapts its communication.

The sensor is based on electrochemical technology that allows adequately answer to CO concentration in the environment, and send this information to the control panel. Then, control panel active properly activate ventilation and alarms.

The sensor has a red LED red that flashes every 10 seconds in normal operation. Connected with conventional control panel, it makes double flash to indicate that it has reached a concentration of 50 ppm of CO, and fix light when the concentration reaches 200 ppm of CO. Connected with addressable control panel, it makes double flash when the concentration read by the sensor is equal or higher than the ventilation level programmed at control panel, and fixed light when concentration read by the sensor is equal or higher than the alarm level programmed at control panel.

CO sensors must be distributed at the installation in accordance with standards and/or regulation. A recommendable coverage for these devices are between 200 and 300 m2, and place in a height between 1,5 and 2 m from the floor.

In addressable control panels with maintenance mode active, it can be easily checked the operation of sensors by observing flashing of sensor led when faces to test gas.

The philosophy and operation mode of the equipment is designed according to European standard EN 50545-1, using diffusion sensors and factory calibration for operation during the operational life of the sensors, and UNE 23300 certified.

  • Compatible with conventional control panel CCO and MiniCO models and addressable control panel ZafirCO.
  • The sensor base support installations with 16 mm diameter pipe.
  • It has red LED which identifies the sensor communication and concentrations of ventilations and alarm.
  • Connected with addressable control panels, it supports maintenance mode to check the status of the sensor when face to test gas.
  • It contains programming number to allow identification of sensor at addressable control panel.
  • Designed according to European standard EN 50545-1.
  • UNE 23300 certified.

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