Addressable COsensor control panel for carbon monoxide (CO) and dioxide nitrogen (NO2) diffusion sensors designed with EN 50545-1 and UNE 23300 certified.

It has the following models ZafirCO2 (Ref. ZCO2), ZafirCO3 (Ref. ZCO3) and ZafirCO4 (Ref. ZCO4). They correspond with 2, 3 or 4 zones and up to 25 CO and/or 25 NO2 sensors by zone. These models have DVB version (Double Ventilation and Batteries).

The COsensor ZafirCO control panel allows setting the activation concentration for ventilation level 1, 2 and alarm, as well as the delays for the activation and delays for the stop of these levels/alarm.

It has independent dry contact outputs per zone for each level of ventilation and alarm, as well as general fault output and auxiliary supply 30 Vdc.

The control panel has a maintenance mode for easy testing the operation of sensors by watching the flashing LEDs of the sensors when they face to the test gas.

The control panel can identify all sensors at the installation by their programming number. The auto configuration feature of the control panel will automatically detect all sensors and display a summary in the display. Confirming this information, control panel goes directly into “work” mode.

The philosophy and operation mode of the equipment is designed according to European standard EN 50545-1, using diffusion sensors and factory calibration for operation during the operational life of the sensors, and UNE 23300 certified.

  • Control panel up to 4 ventilation zones with diffusion sensors brand COsensor model SCO (CO sensor) and SDN (NO2 sensor).
  • Dry contact output (COM/NO) Ventilation 1, Ventilation 2 (DVB models only) and alarm.
  • Fault dry contact output (COM/NO/NC).
  • Auxiliary 30 Vdc 1A power output.
  • Concentration measures averaged according to EN 50545-1 up to 60 minutes.
  • Ventilation level 1, ventilation level 2 (models DVB) and alarm selectable from 5 to 300 ppm of CO and from 0,1 to 30 ppm of NO2.
  • Delay time for activation and delay time to stop of ventilation 1 and ventilation 2 (models DVB), selectables between 0 and 10 minutes.
  • Delay time for activation and delay time to stop of the alarm selectable between 0 and 5 minutes.
  • Maintenance mode to check operation of sensors.
  • System with auto configuration functionality.
  • Space for batteries 2 x 12 Vdc 7 Ah (DVB models only).
  • Backlit LCD Display 4 lines and 40 characters.
  • Dimensions: 418 x 324 x 150 mm.
  • Designed according to European standard EN 50545-1.
  • UNE 23300 Certified.

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