Talat / Real Club Deportivo Mallorca


Modernisation of Son Moix Stadium / Real Club Deportivo Mallorca



Project Description

The project aimed to set a new standard for stadiums safety and comfort within the island’s sporting area. It involved an exhaustive re-evaluation of the existing fire safety infrastructure and the implementation of an advanced fire detection and prevention system in all public and service areas of the stadium, using Cofem’s innovative Lyon Remote algorithmic detection systems.


Our Role

We participate by supplying a complete suite of the most advanced fire protection systems, incorporating state-of-the-art detection technologies along with their essential components. Each product was carefully selected to meet the specific needs of different areas of the stadium, following rigorous regulatory standards and ensuring optimum effectiveness in fire detection and prevention.


Lyon Remote Algorithmic Detection System of Cofem

This system represents the latest in fire detection technology, offering early and reliable detection. Certified to EN 54 parts 2 and 4, it passes rigorous environmental, electrical noise, electromagnetic disturbance and vibration tests. The Lyon Remote system identifies the source of alarms, allows full parameter setting and adapts to environmental conditions and sensor dirt levels. Its self-identifying design facilitates installation and future modifications.


Results and Achievements

The renovation has significantly improved the infrastructure of the Son Moix Stadium and the spectator experience, setting new standards in security. Our systems have proven their effectiveness in real-life situations, ensuring a safe environment for players, staff and fans, allowing the stadium to offer enhanced security without compromising spectator enjoyment.


Impact on Society

This project has had a positive impact on the community, underlining the importance of safety and security in the enjoyment of sporting events. We are proud to contribute to creating a safe place where the passion for football can be enjoyed with peace of mind.


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