What’s going on?

Devastating fire in Campanar (Valencia)

What has happened?

🕊 Today we want to focus our post to talk about the recent tragedy that occurred in Campanar (Valencia), due to a devastating fire. Leaving aside the obvious material damages, unfortunately the event had fatalities, injuries and left many families homeless…


🔔 It is undoubtedly another wake-up call about the importance that fire protection has and should be given, but which to date is still not being given in Spain. Unfortunately, current regulations are not rigorous enough in the domestic area to reduce the chances of disaster as much as possible.

Key points for fire prevention

📝 One of the lessons we can learn from this type of incident is that it is extremely important to comply with fire protection regulations in terms of active and passive elements when constructing a building, and that it is crucial to carry out the periodic maintenance required by law. Also that the training and awareness of people plays a vital role in this type of event, although it is often overlooked. Finally, that it is highly advisable to invest in advanced technologies and safety systems that can detect fires at an early stage and respond quickly to contain or extinguish them, even if they are going beyond current regulations.

How does Cofem contribute to this cause?

🔗 The prevention of domestic fires is a collective effort that requires the collaboration of the authorities, the owners of residential buildings and the companies that supply the material. At Cofem we are committed to the protection and safety of the population and their properties, striving daily to offer advanced, quality domestic solutions that neutralise and anticipate fires.