Automatic conventional COsensor control panel with carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) diffusion sensors

This control panel provides the MiniCO120 (Ref. MCO120) and MiniCO120DVB (Ref. MCO120DVB) references with 1 zone with 20 detectors capacity.

The model ending in “DVB” refers to the fact that it has double ventilation and batteries charger.

They are particularly suitable for parking or areas that need only 1 ventilation zone or installation of a few sensors in it.

The control panel displays the maximum concentration of CO in the detection zone, activating the ventilation and alarm when a specific concentration is reached after expiry of the set delay.

It has dry contact outputs for ventilation, an auxiliary 30Vdc output and an alarm dry contact output.

The system works with CO sensor (“SCO” reference) and NO2 sensors (“SDN” reference) in the same area.

NO2 sensors transform measures of NO2 concentration in an equivalent measure of CO, and shown it in the display as a single concentration of CO, activating the ventilation and alarm when established CO levels are reached.

The control panel allows manual activation and deactivation of ventilation.

The equipment is designed for using diffusion sensors calibrated at factory for operation throughout the useful life of their sensors, and UNE 23300 certified.

  • Control panel of 1 ventilation zone with diffusion sensor brand COsensor model SCO (CO sensor) and SDN (NO2 sensor).
  • Dry contact output (COM / NA) for ventilation 1 and ventilation 2 (DVB model only).
  • 30Vdc 0,5A output.
  • Dry contact alarm output.
  • Space for 2×12 Vdc 2 Ah batteries (DVB model only).
  • Display 3-digit, 7-segment.
  • Dimensions: 248 x 240 x 115 mm.
  • UNE 23300 certified.

MCO datasheet


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