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New COFEM MCO panel control: Technological Advance in CO and NO2 Detection

COFEM MCO panel control. CO and NO2 detection

COFEM MCO panel control. CO and NO2 detection


Cofem is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of a new compact panel control, the MCO. Designed for carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) detection, this panel control is ideal for small car parks or facilities with reduced specific needs.

The MCO is compatible with previous MCO models and will replace them from next July. This new version comes with a more refined and modern aesthetic, and offers SCO and SDN sensors.

Among the increased features, it offers a unique model for 1 ventilation systems with a capacity of up to 20 sensors (Ref. MCO120). In addition, a model for 1 zone with double ventilation and batteries is also included (Ref. MCO120DVB). The panel control also offers an auxiliary power supply output of 30Vdc/0.5A and interior capacity for 2 batteries of 12V-2Ah.

In terms of configurable parameters, there are options for ventilation level, alarm and delays. It also has a selectable language label for user convenience.

Last but not least, the MCO is UNE 23300 certified by AENOR, which guarantees its reliability and safety.

This is a big step forward in detection and security technology, and we are excited to see how this new product will improve fire protection and safety in general.

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