What’s going on?

¡The last dance!

👋🏼 The most important event of the security sector at national level is about to end, and we could not feel more honoured to have been part of it. It has been four days of hard work and effort, which required a high level of organisation and perseverance, but it must be said that we have believed in our potential from the beginning and we are very happy with the final result.

💍 Our passion for technological innovation in the manufacture of fire detection and alarm systems is undoubtedly what has shaped our present and what will determine our future. We will continue with the same commitment and dedication to this sector in order to strive for a safer world.

🙏🏼 We would like to thank all the visitors, friends and collaborators who took the time to spend some of their time with us. We would also like to thank SICUR for giving us the opportunity for another year and for providing us with everything we needed.

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